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Is Maple an Apple Authorised Service Center?

Yes, Maple is an Apple Authorised Premium Reseller. We sell genuine Apple products along with accessories.

Can I exchange a non-Apple smartphone?

Yes, all devices are accepted irrespective of the brand or operating system.

Can I exchange multiple old devices for a single new purchase?

Yes. However, exchange bonus may not be applicable.

Is buyback available for both in-store and online purchases?

Device buyback is currently available in stores only.

Are there any additional costs or fees associated with the exchange process?

It is completely free and has no hidden charges or costs.

Is it necessary to provide all the original accessories when exchanging my old device?

For Apple devices, providing the original accessories, if they are in good working condition, is recommended to get a higher buyback value.

Can I exchange a device if it has physical damage or other issues?

We do accept devices in all conditions. However, the exchange value will differ based on the condition of your device and model.